4 Manufacturers + 4 Hours of Training (+ Lunch!) in 31 Locations!

DoorKing, EMX, MillerEdge and Nice have teamed up to offer short half-day seminars (8:00 AM – 12:30 PM) throughout the country that will provide information and training on the new UL 325 gate operator external entrapment prevention device monitoring requirements – and more! Learn firsthand how DoorKing and Nice gate operators meet these requirements. EMX and MillerEdge will educate attendees on the different products that they offer to meet the new monitoring requirements.
• Four 50 minute presentations to get you up to speed on how to meet the new UL 325 monitoring requirements.
• DoorKing and Nice will show how their systems operate under the new requirements.
• EMX and MillerEdge will show what products they offer to help you meet the monitoring requirements.
• Over $200 in manufacturers discounts!
• EMX will provide an IRB-MON photoeye (one per company) – a $240 retail value!
• Earn IDEA continuing education credits.
• A delicious lunch is provided at the end of the presentations!

To register for a Tour Seminar, just click the Date & Location! (Only BLUE links are live at the present time)

April 12th – Ft. Lauderdale, FL(link is external). July 28th – Jackson, MS

April 13th – Orlando, FL (link is external) July 29th – Baton Rouge, LA

April 14th – Tampa, FL(link is external) August 9th – Houston, TX

April 26th – Las Vegas, NV(link is external) (IDA Expo show week) August 10th – Dallas, TX

May 10th – Atlanta, GA August 12th – San Antonio, TX (Hosted by Nice!)

May 12th – Charlotte, NC August 23rd – Albuquerque, NM

May 24th – Philadelphia, PA (Hosted by MillerEdge!) August 25th – Phoenix, AZ

May 25th – Baltimore, MD September 13th – Denver, CO

June 7th – New York, NY September 15th – Salt Lake City, UT

June 8th – Boston, MA September 27th – Seattle, WA

June 21st – Columbus, OH (Hosted by EMX!) September 28th – Portland, OR

June 23rd – Chicago, IL October 11th – Los Angeles, CA (Hosted by DoorKing!)

July 12th – St. Louis, MO October 12th – San Diego, CA

July 13th – Kansas City, MO October 25th – Sacramento, CA

July 26th – Nashville, TN October 26th – San Francisco, CA

July 27th – Memphis, TN